Reducing the relocation and shifting cost is not just about reducing money. Cost minimization helps you to avoid the extra expenditure during the relocation process. We understand that moving to a new home demand a lot of your time effort and money. However, all these can be reduced by hiring a professional helping hand. If you are also going to relocate in Bangalore, then we can help you make the process smooth and hassle-free. Yes, we are pioneer packers and movers with the world-class reallocation and shifting services. 

To reach us via call, dial 9739701075 You can also enquire about our services via email. We know that time is money . Therefore, you have to play smartly by implementing some clever methods while you are going to shift or reallocate. Here in this blog, we are discussing the few tips and tricks that will help you save  time and money while relocation and shifting process.

Remove the scrap:

Your new home should be refreshing and full of fresh vibes. Therefore, it is suggested to de-clutter the items that are too old or not in use for a long time. This will help you avoid paying for the shifting of things that are not useful or just a piece of scrap that will lie down in your new home. While you’re at it, you can also consider selling some of the things that you have no use for, for a little extra saving amount.

 The extra items in your house can be a great help for poor people.

Weekdays can be the best:

Choosing the relocation or moving time can be a significant impact on your expenses. It is a well-known truth that the demand of movers and packers are always high on weekends as compared to weekdays.  Therefore, always schedule your moving time on weekdays and middle of the month. By doing this, you can avoid the unnecessary charges and lack of attention by your service providers. Since the packers and movers have fewer bookings on weekdays, they will focus more in this time.

Pay attention to utilities:

Decide before you move to manage services. Make sure to contact all utility departments like gas connection, electricity, water connection, telephone and internet, cable TV connection, newspaper, milk vendor, etc. Inform them about your relocation and tell them a specific date on which you need all these services to stop and be transferred to your new location. For utilities that can’t be transferred, make sure to request them to begin these services on the day of your move into your new home. This can help you avoid the extra bills and taxes that you are not even using. 

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