Our Services

The major activities of the Organisation covers various disciplines of cargo handling which are enumerated below:

  • Packing and Moving Service
  • Relocation Services
  • Customs Clearance : Export/Import
  • Car Transportation Services
  • Insurance
  • Goods Transportation Services
  • International Packing and Moving
  • Goods Transportation Services
  • Loading Unloading Services
  • Total Logistics Consultancy
  • Supply Chain Management and Warehousing
  • Buyers Consolidation and Sourcing.

Overseas Services: 

– We can accommodate your international moving needs. Relocation services are available throughout USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and many more countries. If you need relocation of this type please click or you may check the moving resources file for more detailed information. – If you need information on any other aspects of moving please use the links in the resources file for topics relating to planning, moving tips, FAQ and much more. Please call us. Thank you for  your attention We look forward to assisting you with your relocation needs.

Special Services:

– We specialize in a range of relocation services, one of which is Overseas. Over the years we completed relocation services to USA, Europe, Africa and Eastern Asia. – If you would like more information, please use our contact no. to further help you in your search for the right information for your upcoming moving needs. – As part of this relocation type, please read the following, which further illustrates our specialized services and moving equipment.

IHS Drivers:

    • – Are trained to handle your relocation, from the pick up to the delivery location.
    • – Have extensive experience in the handling and transportation of specialized property.
    • – Have extensive knowledge in a large variety of moves, e.g. Piano relocation & fine art etc.

IHS Foremen:

  • – Coordinate with drivers to ensure that all shipments arrive on-time and in good condition.
  • – Coordinate with the people at each point of the move to ensure that the loading and unloading go smoothly.
  • – Coordinate with drivers to ensure that the utmost care is taken whilst transporting the merchandise to and from the locations.
  • – Ready to handle any problem that may arise.

IHS Movers:

  • – Fully trained to assist with many types of relocation and other specialized requirements that may be necessary
  • – Fully trained for using the correct packing equipment for the job at hand
  • – Easily recognizable from their USA Moving uniforms
  • – Courteous and polite

Specialized Equipment IHS Equipment :

  • – State-of-the-art trailers
  • – Air-ride vans with a suspension system that guarantees safe transport
  • – Power lift gates
  • – Wide doors, also located on the side, for heavy and large piece
  • – Climate controlled trucks, (& storage facility, if needed), to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels inside the van to protect sensitive cargo

Other Services:

  • – Specialized packing materials and service
  • – Climate controlled warehousing available
  • – Component consolidation
  • – Uncrating/assembly/debris removal

Whether you’re moving high-value electronics, sensitive computer equipment or delicate works of art, our relocation services have the transportation capabilities you need. Our climate-controlled fleet is specially equipped to control and continuously monitor the climate inside the van.

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